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Dallas County, Texas - Family Assistance ***UPDATED***

Laura14 started this conversation

I just got my hands on 5 , 5 page, handouts with local Dallas County Assistance. Including Family Shelters, Mortagage/Rent Assistance, Food Pantries, Child Care, and Utility Bill Assistance(electric, gas, and Water). I am going to use them for my webpage.



Includes some Collin County information, and area's arround Dallas

Added Crises Centers and Homeless Assistance 

Food Pantries, and Child Care Coming Soon! send me a message for this info now


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The Christmas Cat   in reply to needhelptx
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..






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I am stranded off of I30 and Ferguson trying to get home to Rockwall. I called 911 and the police used a push bumper to get us off the tiny shoulder but I literally have nobody to call here. My mother lives in west Tx and my father lives in Samoa. I'm 3 months pregnant and I'm starving. We have food at home but no cash or food on us. Can anybody think of any place or person or organization that would help us? I could repay with interest on Saturday I am totally at a loss.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to pretty41
Hi call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call Good Luck and God Bless
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young austin   in reply to pretty41
What u need
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I let my cousin spend the night she stole my whole purce with my money and rent miney now they trying to put me out pkease some ine help me..
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My boyfriend & I are in need of help right away. We have just become homeless. We would be greatly appreciative to anyone who can help us for a week or two. We do have a small dog who is very well behavied & we have no children. If there is anyone who can help please let us know.
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bobibutler   in reply to brian 62
look up I just found it and there is lots of great information
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brian 62
Hi i am a father with three beautiful Children who isnt getting any help from my kids mom in any means of financial support, and after paying my bills and taking care of their school needs i have little or no money for groceries and am in need of assistance, are there any food banks or a place i can go where they have a food outlet i am proud, and work every day, but there just isnt enough money left for groceries and i was told by the food stamp program i only qualify for 75.00 dollars a month in aid, if there is a place where they give out canned food or Anything, can u please let me know, my email is thank you....
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Hi im am looking for help in financial assistance, i had my rent and it all got stolen as a matter of fact it was a money order and i just didnt have time to fill it out yet got stolen with the yellow part two so theres nothing i can do about that i just got laid off this month also, ive been calling charity places all day, but no one has any funds right now is there anyone who can help please!!
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c g rite

Hi! Im a Father supporting a family of 4. I am facing EVICTION for nonpayment of rent. Im currently unemployed, and as of monday if i do not have the rent, my family and i or homeless.Please if there is anyone who can help please?

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i am looking for rent and utility assistance,my husband is recently disabled,with a brain lesion and enlarged lympnids and no use of his left arm.very unsteady on his feet.i am looking for a job with no luck,was caring for mother who recently passed.thank you for all your
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I'm 4 weeks away from giving birth and i have a 4yr old..i'm currently on child support but it's only 400 monthly..our rent is 600 and utilities are 150..i need help paying utilities..if someone knows where i can go to please email me at i would really appreciate it..i also need help gettin stuff for the new baby :(
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hello all who are reading this i am Darlene and i have 2 children they are grown now and trying to make it on there own my daughter who is my youngest and her boyfriend just got themselves an apartment and then her boyfriend was injured at work now he is not working and trying to recover but in the meantime they are very hungry i dont know what to do i do not have a car to go help them i do not have any money and all i can do is worry and she calls me and says mamma im so hungry. i was hoping someone out there could help my daughter if so i thank you so much
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texas jan
can anyone pay our water bill - it is suppose to be cutt off monday . my husband needs to go back to the hospital because of his legg problem . call mike wright 469 865 0386 or janice wright 469 865 0388 . we have went to so many places for help with our rent - electric bill -- food water - medicine - no funds ava any where
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 in response to BIG UN...   call 211 and tell them what you need, you will probly have to spend all day calling charities, and another day ,going to charities but it can be done. (ask your landlord for a letter, saying how much your rent is and what you owe and late fees, some landlords will do that, some won't)and take it with you, take all SS cards for everyone in the house, and a bill, and or lease, and proof he's trying to get social security. It's not easy to get , but help is out there. We just had to get a title loan, on our truck, with no way to pay it back, just to pay part of our rent we owed. I was layed off, and my husband, may be going on disability, we are not sure yet. Food banks, churches, food stamps etc. get it all! (they also have emergency food stamps, but you will have to spend a whole day at the Tdhs. Make sure you take proof of everything, it will be faster. Check out some of the charities , in my link on this page. I live in Irving, not sure about food banks in mesquit, except whats in that list, Good Luck, and God Bless
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our land pord said she was going to file a evetion notice . husband can not work no more because of legg problems . need help to pay our rent . he just now got approved to get his social security at 62 years old . we need help till we can get on our feet . water bill is past due - elec is past due too -- we have no food - or things we need . such as soap - and etc , can any one help us ? / mike wright 469 865 0386 - janice wright 469 85 0388 - needing help A S A P with rent - food .
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